New Launch - Rejuvenating Our Company.


We’re under new management!

We’re excited to announce that we have recently been acquired by Yorkshire-based online retailer YOLO Inc. We’ve been operating for over 15 years, and we’re excited to be taking this new direction with the award-winning retail group in partnership with cosmetic industry expert Ian Dawson.

Who are YOLO Inc.?

YOLO Inc. Is an award-winning online retail group who are based in North Yorkshire. We look forward to implementing some of their values into our own company to grow. YOLO pride themselves on having a family-like environment, to encourage, love, trust, and care for each other. But aside from that, they’re bold innovators who are wonderfully unique and have an ambitious nature who strive to make things happen. These are certainly all values that are going to be embedded in Cosmetics Lab going forward.

What’s new?

Our team has been reconstructed and management reinvigorated. This means that we have a carefully curated team with family-like values that work together efficiently. Therefore, both our customers and employees are looked after well. Our team consists of experts and hard workers, who are extremely productive given their drive and passion for the company and the team.

Additionally, we’ve also moved just across the road to a bigger and better warehouse. This warehouse has been upgraded and modernized to meet today’s market needs. Upgrading our warehouse fits in with our dedication to investing in new technologies and equipment so that we can always manufacture new and high-quality products. We have also got a brand new and shiny website, so our clients will be able to keep up to date with these modern developments. 

Why are we doing all of this?

Well, simply put, we are fully aware of the need to revitalize the company and from this point forward we’re focusing Cosmetics Lab on being driven in a customer-lead direction and with a fresher and more youthful approach. We’re putting our clients first and we’re excited for the things to come, working with old faces and new ones.