What is White Labelling?

White Label Vs Private Label

Many people use this term interchangeably, however, there is a difference between the two. It is important to be clear on the difference between the two as there are different services involved and the process of developing a product under each name is different. In this article, we will clarify the difference so that you can get the service you need for your product manufacture.

What is White Labelling?

White labelling happens when you require your manufacturer or third party to create your product. They are already experts in the area you require and have a formula made for your product. Therefore, you can ask them to create your product without needing a recipe first. After they’ve created your product, you will provide the packaging under your own name. You will be consulted about the ingredients used so you can obtain all the relevant information for things such as labelling and safety sheets, but you will not have the exact recipe and the formula to create the product, should you wish to change your manufacturer. Put simply, you would only specify what the label looks like, with typically not much control over the actual product.

What is Private Labelling?

Private labelling means that you approach the manufacturer with an exact recipe. They will then create your product based on your own recipe, and this will be unique to you. You then provide your own packaging; therefore, the entire product will be your own creation from formula to packaging. The manufacturer will simply produce your product to your specifications.

This option is generally more expensive as the product is exclusive to you, the manufacturer must build a process and source ingredients around your product. But this is the best option if you want a product that is bespoke to your company.

Which One Do You Offer?

Technically, both! We have an in-house library catalogue which you can choose from to manufacture a product and add your label. We are also capable of creating fully unique products. You do not need to come to us with a pre-existing formula if you don’t have one as we can talk you through this in the consultation period and can create one with you. Once your product has been manufactured, you’ll get a booklet with all the relevant information, formula, and ingredients.

Get in touch with us to figure out which is best for you.