Our Process



 As one of the UK's leading development and manufacturing agencies, we take pride in our process, just like you'll take pride in your product. From the initial consultation briefing, we source the purest of ingredients, comprise bespoke formulations as well as much more, and you are involved in every part. As begin the journey of working together, you will have complete access to all parts of the manufacturing process. Communication lines are always open meaning you can communicate directly with your experienced formulation consultant; qualified chemist and specialized technicians who are overseeing your product.  You will be informed with regular updates as to how things are going and have the opportunity to come into our facilities and help create something uniquely you. Our product and brand consultancy contributes innovative ideas as well as audience and marketing positioning.



Step 1 of any consultation should be to gain a thorough understanding of your brand, and the ethos that guides it. No matter your company size, start-up, or established business, we approach every project in the same way. Once we have a firm understanding of your product vision, we'll conduct in-depth research including preferred ingredients, texture, colour, and scent. Ensuring everything coincides with your vision. This is a 100% transparent process that you can be fully involved in and updated regularly. It's important to consider all aspects of the success of your product including branding, packaging, and distribution channels. Our extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry give us confidence in making informed recommendations. Face-to-face communication between all parties can give a whole different level of understanding and vision to your project. By investing time into every process, we're reaching your ultimate goal together. For those that require additional secrecy and security regarding their product development, we offer NDA which will be signed prior to starting the consultation process.



Our revolutionary technology and market analysis techniques will easily show current and emerging trends allowing us to utilise our expertise to identify pure material compatibility. During the early stages of consultation, you'll be able to talk with your experienced formulation consultant and our lab team to explore a vast range of new ingredient concepts. We strive to provide creative yet astonishing results for every client and their bespoke formulations. Taking the formulations, we've developed based on the information discovered from the consultation, we pass this information to our scholarly lab team. Using their knowledge, experience, and skill, we'll curate samples and bring you in for reviewal. Known as the most enjoyable part of the development stage, we take you into the laboratory where you'll test and review your samples alongside our chemists. We do this as though we try to create the best picture of the end product as we can, no one will ever know a brand better than its founder. We're aware making this decision can be hard and sometimes daunting, which is why can provide insight and advice not just into what best represents your brand the best, but what will work best in the current market.



Once a sample has been finalized, we access our datastore to retrieve the exact formula used and begin testing. For those wanting organic or sustainable-based products, our high-tech facilities have the capacity to test up to 99% of a materials matter to ensure materials components. Though there are unique testing assessments for different product types, Cosmetics Lab follows every procedure to the letter. During the testing, we conduct legally required, stringent tests assessing a variety of factors such as shelf life, pack compatibility, and microbiological stability. As an independent manufacturer, we have 100% control over all testing assessments and are not beholden to any third parties. All cosmetics products have all necessary testing for these to be sold within the EU and stability, challenge, and TVC testing. We also facilitate other testing, including SPF, patch testing, and skin testing, through outsourcing. Cosmetic product safety report compilation and EU portal notification for cosmetic products, a compilation of product information files for cosmetic products.



A typical timeline from Consultation to Production is between 6-9 months. This time allows for significantly in-depth in-house testing of your product meaning that once manufacturing is completed, your product is market-ready. 



After products are tested to legal and industry standards by our skilled in-house team, we test them to your standards. Ensuring you are happy with the finalized formula of your product; we take time to understand how you are wanting to market your product. Should you be wanting to advertise your moisturizer as 100% fragrance-free, we conduct an additional test to guarantee that your product is exactly what you are advertising. Your entire project is managed by the same case executives meaning no faff on dealing with other case operators or third parties, you deal with the same specialist throughout. We think that this makes the entire process as personal as it can be and welcomes you more into the Cosmetics Lab family. From a procedure perspective, it means your entire project is checked and held to the other standards. With specialists in every area, we make sure you get the best brain for the job.

As a guaranteed policy at Cosmetics Lab, we require 50% payment upfront after signing the required development documentation and provided it has been accepted. The other 50% of the payment is required post-project completion.



With a vastly diverse team of specialists spread all around the UK, we have the knowledge and experience to help improve the performance of your business and much more. From qualified Marketers, Supply Chain managers and Finance Executives, we won't just help build the product of today, but support your business for a better tomorrow.