Product Development & Formulation

We understand that the cosmetic industry is not a static one by any means. The industry is constantly evolving, and we can evolve alongside it. Cosmetics Lab are constantly working on new cosmetic developments and have created some of the most cost-effective and high-quality products that adhere to new standards, processes, and regulations.

Our team provide excellent support and service to ensure your ideas are created by new, creative and innovative processes, whilst adhering to the needs of your brief and your target customer. From skincare to home fragrance, our development team are constantly pioneering new techniques and formulas to bring you the most innovative and cutting-edge cosmetics. 

What is the process?
We initially start off with your brief, it's here that we get to understand what your goals and ideas are. We start our understanding of your brand and your ethos - do you want it to be eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan? We also gain an idea of ingredients you want to avoid or include, and your countries rules and regulations. 

During the next stage, we'll start to look at the commercial aspects of your product. Such as the name, retail price, quantity and sizing and the proposed formulations. Once we've got all of this information, we go to the lab. We can start creating the product, creating samples and keeping you updated through the process. After we've established a product you are happy with, we carry out thorough testing over a series of months. Once all testing is complete and the product is compliant with regulations and reaches all the standards required, we can begin with the final stages of manufacture and distribution. You'll be provided with a full report on your product, including the formula, ingredients and process.

"We have over 15 years experience in our lab, creating household brands for our clients that have gone on to win awards. It is this experience, along with our growing formulation library, that allows us to come up with the best new product developments"

Emma - Cosmetics Lab