Perfume Manufacturers

Cosmetics Laboratories are independent perfume manufacturers with many satisfied customers worldwide.

Producing Perfume Products

  • Cosmetics Laboratories in Horsham, UK, complies with all relevant legislations, including all cosmetics regulations in the EU.
  • Being totally independent, Cosmetics Laboratories are not beholden to any third party.
  • All perfume products manufactured by Cosmetics Laboratories are produced with full product information and complete safety assessments.
  • As one of the main perfume manufacturers in the UK, Cosmetics Laboratories are proud to have a trusting, professional relationship with all of their customers.

Perfume Manufacturers

  • Cosmetic Laboratories are a leader in the development and manufacturing of scientifically proven, innovative personal care products. We create some of the most cost effective, high quality perfumes on the market.
  • When choosing perfume manufacturers, it's important to choose one that actually listens to what you require. Cosmetics Laboratories will always do this.

Creative Perfume Manufacturers in the UK

  • For innovative perfume products and most other fragrance products, try Cosmetics Laboratories and see why we are one of the leading perfume manufacturers in the UK.

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