With 30 years of heritage, ECOCERT is an organic certification organization that assists stakeholders in the implementation and promotion of sustainable practices through training, consultation, and certification. They strive to put respecting the environment at the forefront of production processes.  Improved management of energy and natural resources, socially responsible sectors, and better product quality is essential to address today’s environment.

Ctpa is the credible authority responsible for consumer benefit in a vibrant and innovative UK industry. Representing every type of company involved in making, supplying, and selling cosmetics and personal care products, they are known as the voice of the UK industry. The core values of CTPA are: to promote the strengths of a highly-regulated industry and signposting best practices by working with all stakeholders to ensure high quality cosmetic and personal care products are made to the highest possible safety standards, drive towards a net positive cosmetic industry via their sustainability strategy which promotes best practice and cross-sector stakeholder initiatives to effect system-wide change.

Sedex is a global organisation that believes everyone working in a supply chain has equality, a safe working environment, and means to support themselves and their families, free of bribery and corruption, using sustainable methods to protect the environment for future generations.  As a pioneer, by 2025 Sedex wants to: improve gender equality throughout the supply chain, better detection, and remediation of forced labour, build sustainable livelihoods, enable worker representation.