White & Private Label

Private and White Label Cosmetics Manufacturer

At Cosmetics Lab, we offer both White Label and Private Label Manufacturing. So it doesn't matter if you do not have a formulation or idea, or if you know exactly what you want. We can work to find the perfect solution for you.

White Label Manufacturer
Our 15 years of experience working with leading brands means Cosmetics Lab has a huge library of propriety formulations that span across all sectors and come complete with all testing, safety and compliance. It means we can fast-track the creation of your product and all you would need to do is put your brand against it or provide the label. We do this with many clients, some of which have create big businesses selling our winning formulas. Our formulation library is vast and we often have improved variations on award-winning brands.

Private Label Manufacturer
If you already have a product or recipe, we can formulate it to your exact specifications. We sometimes work with brands which do not know the recipe for their product and it is being withheld from them by offshore labs. In these cases our lab team reverse engineer and reformulate it to recreate the product. We can then do all of the compliance and testing, in-house, ensuring that your product meets the criteria for your sector and is stable. 

"We have a vast formulation library and own the propriety rights to hundreds of leading brand products. We are constantly working on these formulations to offer improvements, creating products which are better than what is already winning in the market."

Hattie - Cosmetics Lab