What we do

Here at Cosmetic Labs, we've got 15 years of experience behind us, so your product is in safe hands. Simply put, we're a company you can trust that adheres to strict safety regulations and has a fast turn around, thanks to our UK location. We are powered by a specialist team and an eco-friendly production.

What can we achieve?

With a fast turnaround, we can manufacture, test, fill, and pack a range of cosmetic and other products. This includes skincare, perfumes, haircare and more. We can fill the product into jars, bottles, tubes, and vials, which can then be packed into cartons and wrapped. The manufactured product can be created from your own formula or from our own formulations catalogue.

We are strict on our quality control and adhering to safety, so we can carry out all the necessary testing for products to be sold within the EU and beyond. They are also tested for safety, skin testing, patch testing, TVC, SPF and stability. These safety tests are compiled into a report along with the product information files. Once you have your product, we’re able to repeat the formula to ensure you get the same high-quality product each time.

What can we manufacture?

We manufacture for a wide range of clients, including brand owners, e-commerce retailers, clinic groups, spas, influencers, supermarkets and beauty companies. You’ll receive premium quality products completed to the agreed dates, constant product repeatability, quality control and assurance. We can produce a wide range of products including:

+ Haircare 
+ Skincare 
+ Perfumes
+ Home Fragrances
+ Gentle Baby Products
+ Tanning Creams
+ Pet Care
+ Alcohol Gels
+ Oils
+ Cosmetics & Beauty

+ Aromatherapy
+ Male Grooming
+ Luxury Spa Ranges
+ Cleaning
+ Sun Protection Creams
+ Eyecare
+ Personal Lubricants
+ Waxes
+ Many more

    What else do we offer?

    We offer full in-house laboratory support, filling and finishing in a wide range of packaging. A reliable outsource facility for major manufacturers, all products mixed in Krieger pharmaceutical mixing vessels. We can crimp, label, decorate and provide overwrap and boxes for your packaging. Finally, we’re able to manufacture from 1,000 units upwards, ranging from 10ml to 5kg.