Innovation & Quality

As industry pioneers who have worked with some of the largest clients in the UK and across the world, and promise to provide the highest quality product to support your brand. But we don't just stop at the quality of the product, we take extra care to ensure all ingredients used are in their purest form with no impurities. Striving in excellence in client care, product, ethics, and sustainability.

Cosmetics Lab are ISO 22716 certified and maintain extremely high compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). In addition to this, our highly skilled team is trained in identifying improvements to exceed ISO expectations and push up towards being the best we can be. Our Quality Assurance Team continuously conducts meticulous examinations of all aspects of the process, from receiving raw materials to the dispatched of goods. Data is recorded on every examination and processed internally to guarantee no micro-errors have occurred. This team also conducts regular examinations of all facitlties to ensure they are above standard. 


Raw Materials 

All raw materials are tested, quarantined to ensure nothing has been compromised in transit. Once the results prove the material is of premium standard, it's allowed into the dedicated section of the warehouse facility.


Due to the large number of singular items being shipped together, we take extra precautions with product packaging. Once delivered onto the Cosmetic Lab campus, all packaging is guaranteed in a sealed unit that uses a constant air circulation technique to sterilize all items. After quarantine, all items are released provided they satisfy our stringent AQL (Acceptable Quality Limits). Should packaging fail, it is returned to the supplier as we don't offer a remedial service for poor packaging. 

Production & Manufacturing

Production & Manufacturing within the factory abides by an extremely strict code of practice. Pilot batches (prototypes) of any newly developed product are overseen by the same chemist in order to secure a satisfactory scale-up. The data and formulations for pilot batches are securely stored to allow for exact product replication and higher overall product quality. Regardless of the order quantity, products are only manufactured to order. Monitored sampled and recorded throughout all stages to guarantee the product's components have stayed pure and uncompromised. 


Though we take extreme care and attention to the development and manufacturing of any product if there isn't consistency over the number of ingredients per product as well as the product visual it can be disastrous. Therefore, after an order is completed, we inspect every bottle, jar, and tube individually. Any items that don't pass inspection are modified and corrected. As with all other aspects of Quality Control Systems, everything that is processed through our machinery is recorded for complete accountability and traceability. 


We don't just stop there. When it comes to delivery. we're aware that items can get "lost" or "damaged in transit". Because of this, we pride ourselves on using only the best courier companies and delivery methods to get your product to you.